In tune with the trees

When building our climbing parks, we are well aware that we have to use strong and healthy trees. It is impossible not to disturb the trees during the process, but we can try to be as gentle with them as possible.
We drill holes right through the branches, as we believe this is the best and most responsible method, both for the tree and your finances. Find out why below. 


Customised solutions

Building for the long-term requires in-depth knowledge about trees and a special technique. We have travelled the world to ensure we have the best know-how, and the method used by GoAdventure is now recommended by tree experts (arborists) in Denmark.

The method involves drilling through the tree, and it is used in the USA when building large tree houses. 

GoAdventure has imported these ‘treehouse tabs’ and is the only company in Denmark to use them. When they arrived, we commissioned local smiths to customise and adapt them to our needs.

“I’m confident that the trees will continue to thrive in spite of the climbing course, and that the damage will not affect their long-term survival. It’s great to see a course that takes the trees into consideration to the greatest possible extent.”

-Iben Margrete Thomsen,
Senior Advisor at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management.

The tree heals itself

We build exclusively using through bolts. The drilled hole is 32 mm in diameter. We insert the customised threaded rod on which the platform is mounted into the hole. 

When a tree loses a branch, it will heal the damage by itself. The same process happens when we drill a hole in the tree.

This method ensures that the installation does not compress the bark. That way, we avoid suffocating the tree, thus protecting its phloem, which transports organic nutrients in the outer part of the tree.

As this method prevents damage to the tree, it also means that a GoAdventure course can save you a lot of money. We often see climbing parks, adventure parks, etc. being built with clamps, which slowly suffocate the tree. This means that most climbing parks need to replace and modify their installations after a few years because the trees are dying. This can obviously present a lot of challenges, such as finding new trees that are suitable for installing platforms and having to spend considerable sums of money installing the existing systems in new trees. This is an unfavourable situation for both the park owners and the trees, and it can be avoided by using through bolts.

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