Safety & maintenance

You don’t always know enough about the installation in order to carry out the required maintenance. If this is the case, you can count on GoSafety to ensure that your installation is in good hands.
GoSafety is a specially designed logbook system that ensures we take care of nature, each other and your investment. We set up the logbook system, explain how it is used, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

The system makes it possible to prepare for renovations and damage before it’s too late. 

GoSafetyMini is a simplified version for smaller installations, such as a zip wire or jump tower. Read more below and use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.


By purchasing GoSafety or GoSafetyMini, you can entrust your safety to us. What you receive:


A logbook system / Set-up and use
Two annual visits / Thorough inspection
Repairs / Minor wear and tear damage and tightening

The logbook system must always be updated according to our instructions. 

Without GoSafety or GoSafetyMini, thorough inspections and meetings are required to assess the maintenance status. As discussions will depend on your statements, you will be responsible for following up on the state of the installation and ensuring that the information you give us is correct. We are always happy to help, but when invoicing for these checks, we charge a start-up fee as well as mileage and time (by the hour).

Customised solutions

Safety is all about maintenance and taking the right approach from the outset. We (still) see many people constructing platforms by pressing them into place on the outside of the tree.
This method compresses the tree, preventing it from transporting energy and nutrients, and it will try to envelop the foreign materials (parts of the platform, wire, etc.). In the long run, this construction method will eventually kill the tree and it often entails significant environmental and economic consequences.

When we build new climbing systems, we only use through-bolt fixtures like the one in the picture. This protects the wood as much as possible while ensuring that the tree remains healthy and strong.

Safety systems and Coudou Pro

At GoAdventure, we always recommend acontinuous belay solution when it comes to safety systems. We recommend the continuous belay system Couduo Pro, which we also sell. The term Continuous belay/Couduo Pro means being attached to the safety wire at all times and not being able to unclick yourself from it until you have completed the course and are back on the ground. 

With Coudou Pro, you use a C-carabiner with a gap that is narrower than the diameter of the safety wire, but wide enough for the Coudou Pro exchange plates to pass through the opening on the carabiner. As shown on the right, this allows you to slide your C-carabiner over the plates and continue along the course while remaining secured to the safety wire.



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